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Table of Contents: Bloodroot :

Falling Through Space. Ellen Gilchrist.

Appalachian Settlers and Their Dwellings

Hollow and Home. Fred Carlisle. Elkmont's Uncle Lem Ownby.

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South of the Northeast Kingdom. David Mamet. The Perk Paperboy. Len Blackwell. Weary Kingdom. Listen Here. I have not yet read the Vance book, but I hope to soon. In the meantime A broad sampling of deeply impressive writings—essays, memoirs, poetry, letters, stories—by women from the Southern Highlands, edited by Dyer In a Tangled Wood, not reviewed.

If the word Joyce Dyer. These essays present the latest thinking on the Korean War, focusing on the relationship of one country to the war. I am the eleventh child of the Reverend Virgil Shepherd, born to him and his third wife, Fannie Flowers. They say I take after her, and I am proud of this, for she was lovely as the day is long, in spirit as well as flesh. Though arguably these women have "transcended" their regional status, positioning them among their Appalachian sisters suggests opportunities for future scholarship exploring their regional roots.

As with any comprehensive collection, there are jewels as well as less distinguished entries.

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A casual reader will be delighted by the hard, spare beauty of home birth in the opening scene of Grace Lumpkin's novel To Make My Bread , for which she won the Maxim Gorky Award for labor novel of the year, or the striking imagery in Irene McKinney's book of poetry Six O'Clock Mine Report :. At Hardtack and Amity the grit abrades the skin.

The air is thick above the black leaves, the open mouth of the shaft. A man with a burning. His eyes flare white like a horse's, his teeth glint. In the older entries, a lost way of speaking is preserved. That war my old mother's notion an' bekase it war her notion it war allus right ter me.